Revival Party (Moldova)

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Revival Party
Partidul «Renaştere»
President Vadim Mişin
Founder Vadim Mişin
Founded 29 October 2011
Headquarters Chişinău
Ideology Democratic socialism, Russian minority politics
Political position Centre-left to Left-wing
European affiliation None
International affiliation None
Colours Red
0 / 101
District Presidents
0 / 32

The Revival Party (Romanian: Partidul «Renaştere») is a socialist political party in Moldova.


The founding congress of party was held on 29 October 2011 and elected Vadim Mişin chairman of the party, former Prime Minister of Moldova Vasile Tarlev co-chairman and Oleg Babenco deputy сhairman. The congress was attended by 212 delegates from 28 districts of Moldova.

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