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Revizto Logo
Developer(s) Vizerra
Stable release
2.4.23416 / Sep 2014
Operating system 32-bit & 64-bit Windows Mac OS iOS Android
Type CAD Building Information Modeling Rendering Collaboration Software
License Proprietary software
Website Revizto

Revizto (revisto - Latin for "visual check") - a cloud-based collaboration software for architects, engineers and contractors to communicate their design intent with their clients in a 3D environment.


Revizto converts Autodesk Revit BIMs and Trimble SketchUp models into interactive 3D environments with tools for collaboration, similar to Dropbox and Google Docs.
Revizto uses game engine technology to provide an interactive visualization of a building’s construction in 3D.[1]

Revizto uses VIM (Visual Information Model) data format which can be viewed with Revzito Viewer.

Revizto Viewer is a cross-platform software that runs on 32-bit & 64-bit Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android platforms and in most modern web browsers using Unity plugin.[2]

Revizto has been reviewed by Ralph Grabowski in "CAD Digest", by Michael Anonuevo in "Club Revit" and featured in article "Seven Digital Tools to Up Your Game" in "Architect magazine".[3][4][5]


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