RevoLOUtion: The Transformation of Lou Benedetti

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RevoLOUtion: The Transformation of Lou Benedetti
Directed by Bret Carr
Produced by Bret Carr
Noah Berlow
Alice Shashy
Mary Helen Shashy
Michael Kastenbaum
Written by Bret Carr
Quinn Redeker
Mary Shashy
Starring Bret Carr
Burt Young
Ernest Mingione
Jon Jacobs
Kumar Pallana
Music by Bill Conti
Ashly Irwin
Dan Newman
Edited by Noah Berlow
Bret Carr
Release date
2006 experimental release in NY/LA
"Pay After The Movie"
Country United States
Language English

RevoLOUtion: The Transformation of Lou Benedetti is a fictional dramedy co-written by Deer Hunter writer Quinn Redeker, with a theme by Rocky composer Bill Conti.[1]

Directed, co-written by and starring Bret Carr, the film also features Burt Young, Starla Benford, Ernest Mingione, Suzanne Didonna, Jon Jacobs and Kumar Pallana.


RevoLOUtion is the fictional story of Lou, a stuttering ex-boxer who can only speak normally when starting trouble protecting the Brooklyn neighborhood in which he lives. Lou transforms from violent, extreme stutterer into a great, powerful communicator.

Production and release[edit]

Carr shot additional scenes for the film every to two years since 1996, and having been rejected 5 years in a row from major film festivals, he eventually won or was nominated for Jury Prize and/or special distinctions at 14 of the top festivals such as Best Picture at Malibu Film Festival, Best Picture at San Francisco World Film Festival, Jury Prize Nomination at Slamdance Film Festival and others.

Quoting from Awareness Magazine, "the viewer so identifies with Carr's Oscar Caliber performance, that they are taken on a near death psychological journey with "Lou", and come out having had their own awakening."[2]

Intent on reaching a wider audience, Vividas, the technology partners behind the documentary The Secret made RevoLOUtion their first dramatic film to be streamed online.


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