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Revo Arka Giri Soekatno
Revo Alexandria.JPG
Revo in Wikimania, Alexandria, Egypt 2008.
Born Revo Arka Giri Soekatno
(1975-08-02) 2 August 1975 (age 41)
Ambon, Indonesia
Nationality Indonesia
Other names Revi Soekatno
Alma mater Erasmus University Rotterdam
Universiteit Leiden
Occupation Lecturer, entrepreneur, writer
Website Profile in Facebook

Revo Arka Giri Soekatno (Ambon, Indonesia; 2 August 1975) is a researcher, entrepreneur and a Wikipedia enthusiast.

Revo receives recognition in the media as one of the Indonesian Wikipedia pioneers since his profile is printed in most circulated newspaper in Indonesia, Kompas, on 26 December 2006[1][2] following TIME's article person of the year "You" (2006).[3] Previously on 2004 Tempo magazine printed a story about Wikipedia as "encyclopedia that came from a boarding house" where Revo became the source person for the story, representing Indonesian Wikipedia. His contribution then (2004) was recorded to be over a thousand new articles,[4] on 2006 it escalates to 6,500 new articles.[5]


Born in Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia, Revo's parents were native Javanese with Surakarta, Central Java origin.[5] Revo has been moving from town to town in Indonesia and abroad following his father assignment.[5] He speaks Dutch, German, English, Indonesian, and Javanese.[6] Since junior high (1986) he has lived and studied in the Netherlands where he is pursuing his doctorate degree in Old Javanese Literature at the University of Leiden (2006).[5]


His first encounter with Indonesian Wikipedia is on 2003, where he found the site and describe it as "ugly" and "lack of information". Revo soon finds out that the website can be edited and has been contributing ever since.[5] On 2004 Revo has become the resource person and actively advocating Indonesian media about Wikipedia in general or Indonesian Wikipedia in particular. On Tempo article he stated that although everyone can contribute anything, Wikipedia is still trying to be a serious encyclopedia, vandalism usually do not last long since it can be corrected by anyone.[4] During his brief return to Indonesia on 2007, he has been interviewed by Chic Magazine (female magazine), where he encourages more women to write for Wikipedia.[7] Revo also featured on Metro TV as Indonesian Wikipedia active contributor.[8] He also became a speaker in Wikipedia seminars, one of them is sponsored by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information during ICT Award 2007,[9] where interested participant received an "on hand training" on how to edit and write in Wikipedia. During an interview with Indonesia's news agency Antara, Revo stated that the challenge for Indonesian Wikipedia in the future will be to maintain its information accuracy. In 2006 Indonesian Wikipedia then has become Asia's third fastest-growing of local version of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, after Japan and China.[9]