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French porcelain
Saint Cloud bowl soft porcelain with blue decorations under glaze 1700 1710.jpg

Revol Porcelaine S.A. was founded in 1768 by brothers Joseph-Marie and François Revol in France's Rhone Valley, where they discovered a deposit of white kaolin. They established a factory in Ponsas and began manufacturing a hard-wearing white stoneware, later establishing operations in Saint-Uze.[1] Revol later developed a porcelain body that forms the basis for Revol ceramic products, called "culinary porcelain" (la porcelaine culinaire) by the company.


Revol Porcelaine remains a family-run company after 9 generations, with Olivier Passot as the Managing Director.[2] The company is headquartered in Saint-Uze, France, where it employs 185 people and maintains 16,500 sq. m. of factory space. The facility produces 4 million units a year, exporting to 80 different countries.[3]

Revol porcelain for the hotel and restaurant industry and retail is distributed in the United States by Revol USA


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