Revolution (Nina Simone song)

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Single by Nina Simone
from the album To Love Somebody
A-side"Revolution (Part 1)"
B-side"Revolution (Part 2)"
RecordedRCA studios, New York City
LabelRCA Records
Songwriter(s)Nina Simone, Weldon Irvine

"Revolution" is a 1969 song by American jazz musician Nina Simone and Weldon Irvine. It was released as a single in 1969 and on the album To Love Somebody in 1969.[1] The single release was split over two sides of a 45 rpm disc and these two edits were used as separate tracks on the album. The song was released the year after the Beatles' "Revolution", and is a variation of that song.[2][3] "Revolution" didn't do as well as expected and Simone has expressed surprise and disappointment at its lack of success.[4]


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