Revolution (Pleasure Beach Blackpool)

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Bppb irn bru revolution.jpg
Revolution's loop (old colours)
Pleasure Beach Blackpool
Coordinates 53°47′24″N 3°03′19″W / 53.789918°N 3.055142°W / 53.789918; -3.055142Coordinates: 53°47′24″N 3°03′19″W / 53.789918°N 3.055142°W / 53.789918; -3.055142
Status Operating
Opening date 1979
General statistics
Type Steel – Shuttle – Launched
Manufacturer Arrow Development
Height 56 ft (17 m)
Drop 47 ft (14 m)
Length 635 ft (194 m)
Speed 45 mph (72 km/h)
Inversions 2 (once forwards and once backwards)
Duration 66
Max vertical angle 52°
G-force 4
Height restriction 50 in (127 cm)
Revolution at RCDB
Pictures of Revolution at RCDB

Revolution, formerly Irn Bru Revolution, is an Arrow Development shuttle roller coaster at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool. It was Europe's first fully looping roller coaster.[citation needed] The ride consists of two raised sections of track with a vertical loop in the centre. The train is launched off the first raised platform, into the loop, and up onto the second platform, where it repeats the process in reverse. As a result of the design, riders are required to climb a series of stairs to get to the loading station. Until the introduction of Infusion, it was the park's only looping coaster.


Before being sponsored by Irn-Bru, and carrying the Irn-Bru orange and blue colours, the ride was known as "Revolution" and used to be painted red and white, with the Union Flag painted on the front and back.[citation needed]

During the Irn-Bru period it was titled "Irn Bru Revolution". In 2011, the Irn-Bru sponsorship ended and the ride reverted to its old title.

In February 2012, the park confirmed that the ride would be closed for early parts of the season in order to be painted in a new colour theme - grey and white.[1]

The ride received a repaint for the 2017 season.

In popular culture[edit]

The ride was featured on the BBC show Jim'll Fix It when a group of Cub Scouts ate their lunch whilst riding the roller coaster.

A homage was featured on an advert for Irn-Bru soft drinks when a group of goths drank Irn-Bru whilst riding, resulting in them becoming completely drenched, in 2007.


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