Revolution Ballroom

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Revolution Ballroom
Nina Hagen Revolution Ballroom.jpg
Studio album by
GenreElectronic music, pop, rock
ProducerPhil Manzanera
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Revolution Ballroom
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Revolution Ballroom is the eighth (sixth solo) studio album by Nina Hagen, released in 1993.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Nina Hagen; except where indicated

  1. "So Bad" (Hagen, Olle Romo, Dave Stewart)
  2. "Revolution Ballroom"
  3. "Right on Time" (Traditional)
  4. "Pollution Pirates" (Hahen, Emam)
  5. "King of Hearts" (Hagen, Bernhard Potschka)
  6. "Amore"
  7. "Pillow Talk" (Hagen, MC Ricky D, Pam Hoog)
  8. "Berlin"
  9. "I'm Going to Live the Life" (Traditional)
  10. "Gypsy Love" (Hagen, Dave Stewart)
  11. "Omhaidakhandi"

Bonus tracks

  1. "Wedding

Suite: Philly Wedding"

  1. "Wedding Suite: Hardcore Wedding"
  2. "Go Ahead" (Dance Version])
  3. "So Bad" (Utah Saints Untite)


  • "L'amore" is sung in Italian, "Berlin" is sung in German, French and English, "Omhaidakhandi" is sung in Sanskrit.


  • Nina Hagen – vocals
  • Phil Manzanera – guitar, drum programming
  • Livingstone Brown – bass
  • Andy Mackay – saxophone
  • Olle Romo – keyboards, drum programming
  • Dave Stewart – keyboards, background vocals, drum programming
  • Keith Bessey – drum programming
  • Clive Mayuyu – drums
  • Porl Young – drum programming
  • Nigel Butler – bass, keyboards, drum programming
  • Pam Hoog – voices
  • Matteo Saggese – keyboards
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu – voice sample
  • Billy Liesegang – guitar, harmonica
  • Bernhard Potschka – guitar
  • Nelson Mandela – voice sample
  • Sacha Collisson – wah wah guitar