Revolution Girl Style Now!

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Revolution Girl Style Now
Demo album by Bikini Kill
Released 1991
Recorded 1990-1991
Label Self-released
Bikini Kill chronology
Revolution Girl Style Now
Bikini Kill
(1992)Bikini Kill1992

Revolution Girl Style Now is a demo album by the punk rock band Bikini Kill.[1] It was self-released in cassette form in 1991[2] and recorded at Yoyo Studios.

The 1991 cassette was released for the first time on vinyl, CD and digital formats in 2015 via the band's own label, Bikini Kill Records. The reissue includes three previously unreleased tracks: "Ocean Song", "Just Once", and "Playground".[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Candy"
  2. "Daddy's Li'l Girl"
  3. "Feels Blind"
  4. "Suck My Left One"
  5. "Carnival"
  6. "This Is Not a Test"
  7. "Double Dare Ya"
  8. "Liar"


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