Revolutionary Youth Union

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Revolutionary Youth Union
Headquarters Damascus
Ideology Neo-Ba'athism
Arab Socialism
Arab Nationalism

Coordinates: 33°29′29.34″N 36°14′38.14″E / 33.4914833°N 36.2439278°E / 33.4914833; 36.2439278 Revolutionary Youth Union (officially abbreviated RYU; Arabic: اتحاد شبيبة الثورة‎‎, Ittihad Shabibat ath-Thawra) is the youth organization of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party in Syria. The chairman of the organisation is Dr. Adnan Arbash. Joining organisation starts mostly within the year 10 at schools and it is the partisan's track for active membership in the Ba'ath Party after – at least – 3 years of ideological preparation.

RYU publishes al-Maseera newspaper and manage a nationwide properties and investments (e.g. backpacker hostels). RYU is a member organization of the World Federation of Democratic Youth.

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