Revolutionary Council (Algeria)

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The Revolutionary Council was the body that ruled Algeria after the coup d'état in June 1965. Colonel Houari Boumedienne was its chairman from 19 June 1965 to 10 December 1976. Boumedienne then served as president until his death on 27 December 1978.

The members were as follows in 1970:

  • Moulay Abdelkader
  • Ahmed Belhouchet
  • Mohammed Ben Ahmed
  • Ahmed Bencherif
  • Bouhadjar Benhaddou
  • Chadli Bendjedid
  • Abderrahman Ben Salem
  • Abdelaziz Bouteflika
  • Ahmed Draia
  • Ahmed Kaid
  • Ahmed Medeghri
  • Yahyaoui Mohammed Salah
  • Salah Soufi
  • Mohammed Taibi

Two of the members of the council later became the President of Algeria:


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