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The Revolutionary Marxist League was a small Communist sect that existed from 1939 - 1940 in New York City. It was led be Karl Joerger and Antillio Salamme.[1] The origins of the RML lay in a group called the Marxist Policy Committee which was apparently a "stooge" group of Oehler supporters within the Trotskyist movement. The chairmen of this group, Becket, felt that their line was no different from that of the orthodox Trotskyites and quickly expelled them, and the MPC then rejoined the Revolutionary Workers League. Its ideological position consisted of a rejection of both Stalinism and Trotskyism, which it regarded as an inverted form of Stalinism. It was equally harsh in its denunciation of the various splinters from official Trotskyism:

“We cannot emphasize too much our position that we have nothing in common with the Trotskyite brand of Stalinism or any other inverted form of Stalinism. The various types of Trotskyites (Oehler, Field, Marlen, et al.) ...”


The RML published a mimeographed organ called Revolutionary Action. It apparently ran from Vol. I #1 1938 to Vol. II #1 February 1939.[3]

Around 1940 they merged with the Marxist Workers League, led by K. Mienov, to form a group called the Workers Party, which nevertheless seems to have been disbanded soon thereafter.[1]


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