Rewa - Anand Vihar Superfast Express

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Rewa - Delhi Anand Vihar Express
Service type Superfast
Locale Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan
First service rews to ndls
Last service anvt to rewa
Current operator(s) [Northern Railway]]
Start Rewa
Stops 12(↑)13(↓)
End Anand Vihar Terminal
Distance travelled 849 km (528 mi)
Average journey time 14h 30m
Service frequency Daily
On-board services
Class(es) AC 2 Tier, AC 3, Sleeper, Unreserved
Seating arrangements Yes
Sleeping arrangements Yes
Catering facilities Yes
Entertainment facilities Yes
Operating speed 58 km/h (36 mph) (↑)
61 km/h (38 mph)(↓) average with halts

Rewa – Delhi Anand Vihar Express is a daily Superfast Express train of the Indian Railways, running between Rewa, a prominent city of Madhya Pradesh and Anand Vihar Terminal of Delhi with cbc coaches which are more safe than normal icf coaches. The train originally used to run from New Delhi Railway Station before being shifted to Anand Vihar station on 2 September 2012. The train is operated by the North Central Railway zone of Indian Railways on the section which is part of the busy Howrah–Delhi main line (Grand Trunk section). It is, along with the prestigious Shaan - E - Bhopal Express, one of the "first" ISO 9002 certified trains of India because of its security features and high priority on the Indian Railways. But it takes 2 hours more than Rajdhani Express to cover the same distance. It is also slower than some other Superfast trains in this section, but has one of highest commercial speeds among Non-Rajdhani trains.

The normal locomotive of Rewa Superfast Express is a WAP 5 electric locomotive from GZB shed. However, it may sometimes get a WAP 7 or WAP 4 due to non-availability of a WAP 5.

Number and nomenclature[edit]

The train numbers of this train are:

  • 12427UP: From Rewa
  • 12428DN: From Delhi Anand Vihar Terminal

Coach composition[edit]

The train generally consists of a total number of 22 coaches as follows:

  • 1 I AC tier
  • 1 AC II tier
  • 3 AC III tier
  • 11 sleeper class
  • 4 unreserved
  • 2 unreserved cum luggage/brake van/SLR /ladies/handicap


  • WCM-3:
  • WAM-1/WAP-4:
  • WDM-3A/ Twin WDM-2:
  • Loco reversal: Satna Junction
  • Loco Change : Allahabad Junction

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