Reward, Saskatchewan

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Reward is located in Saskatchewan
Location of Reward in Saskatchewan

Reward is a hamlet in Saskatchewan within the rural municipality of Grass Lake No. 381.[1] It is located 26 km (16 miles) north of Luseland on Grid Road 675.

12 km south of Reward on Grid 675 is the site of the Shrine of the Holy Rosary..[2] The site has been the location of an annual pilgrimage since 1932.[3][4]About 3,000 people participated in the first pilgrimage.[5] Holy Rosary Church built from 1918 to 1920 features works by the artist Count Berthold von Imhoff.[6]

The Roman Catholic church, shrine and cemetery of the Holy Rosary is a Municipal Heritage Property and was listed on the Canadian Register in 2006.[7]

Coordinates of Holy Rosary Church 52°16′5.55″N 109°21′38.32″W / 52.2682083°N 109.3606444°W / 52.2682083; -109.3606444


Coordinates: 52°17′00″N 109°22′03″W / 52.28333°N 109.36750°W / 52.28333; -109.36750