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A reward website is a website that offers rewards for performing tasks, usually related to selected retailers and organisations. These tasks may include, buying goods or services through referral links, submitting content, participating in a survey or referral of members.

Reward types[edit]

Cashback rewards[edit]

These are usually the simplest reward websites from the user's perspective, since the reward website will usually display a task and the amount of cashback that will be rewarded for completing the task. Cashback websites are often rewarded for online shopping and there is usually a threshold on when a customer can withdraw their earnings, driving loyalty to the cashback website.

Points rewards[edit]

These are usually less simple, since the reward website will usually only display the reward for performing a task in terms of points. These points can then be converted, for example into online gift vouchers. Alternatively, for each point collected, or after reaching a points threshold, customers sometimes receive an entry into a sweepstake. This means that the website only ever gives away a pre-determined prize, regardless of how many points are given away.

Share rewards[edit]

Share rewards websites allow customers, on becoming a member of the site, to become a shareholder in the website or a company related to the website. Customers, on completing tasks such as online shopping, can then increase their stake in the website. Share Rewards also includes a Referral program that paid for referrals. Actually, when you refer company services or programs they provide you a commission for this. This program can include many things like an app company paid you on an installation basis. Some companies paid for product sales. So it depends on the business type. You noticed most of the online earning platforms provide an opportunity for a referral program by which users can easily make money by refer that.[1]

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