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This article is about the district. For its eponymous headquarters, see Rewari.
Rewari district
District of Haryana
Location of Rewari district in Haryana
Location of Rewari district in Haryana
Country India
State Haryana
Headquarters Rewari
Tehsils 1. Rewari, 2. Bawal, and 3. Kosli
 • Lok Sabha constituencies 1. Rohtak (shared with Rohtak and Jhajjar districts), 2. Gurgaon (shared with Gurgaon district)
 • Assembly seats 3
 • Total 1,594 km2 (615 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 • Total 765,351
 • Density 480/km2 (1,200/sq mi)
 • Urban 17.8%
 • Literacy 75.25%
Coordinates 27°57′N 76°17′E / 27.95°N 76.28°E / 27.95; 76.28 - 28°28′N 76°51′E / 28.47°N 76.85°E / 28.47; 76.85
Average annual precipitation 553 mm
Website Official website

Rewari district is one of the 21 districts of Haryana state, India. The administrative headquarters of this district, Rewari city is the biggest city in this district. It is located in southern Haryana around 80 kilometres (50 mi) from the capital, New Delhi. Rewari was accorded the status of a district by the Government of Haryana on 1 November 1989.

As of 2011 it was the second least populous district of Haryana, out of 21, after Panchkula.[1]

Rewari may be considered centre of Ahirwal and dominated by Rao sahab(Yadav).[2]


Rewari district is divided into 3 tehsils, namely, Rewari, Bawal, Kosli and 4 sub tehsils, namely, Dharuhera, Dahina, Manethi and Nahar.


Indira Gandhi University Meerpur Rewari along with Ahir College & KLP College are the main colleges of rewari. Ahir college was established before India's independence. At that time Rewari was the only education hub. The department of science of Ahir College Rewari is also notable, in particular for science studies.Atul singh is one of the student of KLP college REWARI. He also tops the college previous year.


Although all of the festivals are celebrated here with great enthusiasm, the festival of Teej has a special place in the heart of citizens of Rewari. The most colourful Teej is witnessed by this Indian city, every year. People have a lot of fun flying kites and enjoying special cuisine. Being situated near Gurgaon city there is effect of urbanisation and people of Rewari are going away from their roots.


Ahirwati, also called ‘Hirwati’ (the language of Ahirs also Language of Rajputana), is spoken in Ahirwal.

Rewari, Mahendergarh, Narnaul, Gurgaon, Kotkasim, Kotputli, Bansur, Behror and Mundawar may be considered as the centre of Ahirwati speaking area. It represents the connecting link between Mewati and three other dialects Bangaru, Bagri and Shekhawati.


Rewari has an important place in Agriculture production in Haryana. Total geographical area of the district is 151 Lakh hectares. Major Soil type here is Loamy sand (alluvial soils) almost 108 lakhs Hectare(66%), sometimes called Golden Soil (because of less quantity of irrigation water it yields more) and sandy soils 53 lakh hectares (34%). In 2010–2011,the Cropping intensity in % is 173 which is 112 Lakh hectare and Area sown more than once is 82 Lakh Hectares . Thus, the total Gross cropped area is 194 Lakh Hectares. In irrigation department, net irrigated area is 96 lakh hectares, rain fed area is 16 lakh Hectares and gross irrigated area is 167 Lakh Hectares. Sources of irrigation are mainly canals 2.1% and bore-wells (tube wells) 97.9%. The total number of pump sets are 29725. The quality of ground water is Alkaline in nature.

In Kharif season Bajra, Maize, Jowar, Karif pulses, Arhar, Sesamum, Guar etc. are sown in about 3,29,088 hectare (42%) and in Rabi season Wheat, Gram, Mustard, Taramira, Rabi pulses etc. are sown in about 4,52,527 hectare (58%).

The main source of irrigation are Tube Wells. By 26064 Tube Wells about 192861 hectare area is being irrigated and by 57196 Wells about 265169 hectares area is irrigated. By other sources like canals, tanks about 404 hectares area is irrigated. The normal rainfall for the district is 657.3 mm. The average rainfall in last ten years in the district is 569.6 mm. The rainfall distribution in the district is uneven and scattered which resulted some times flood problems and some time draught position which affect the Agriculture production as well as cropping pattern in Kharif & Rabi season. Thus, the Agriculture in the district by and large depends on rainfall distribution. Talk about Livestock, Normally people of Rewari prefer Buffalo Milk. As per survey in 2010-2011, 189 Lakh Buffalos, 18 lakhs Goat.


Rewari is noted for its metal works, particularly brass work. The main markets of Rewari have shops which sell brass utensils and artistic work of brass. Along with Moradabad, Rewari is the brass hub of India.


According to the 2011 census Rewari district has a population of 896,129,[1] roughly equal to the nation of Fiji[3] or the US state of Delaware.[4] This gives it a ranking of 466th in India (out of a total of 640).[1] The district has a population density of 562 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,460/sq mi) .[1] Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 17.09%.[1] Rewari has a sex ratio of 905 females for every 1000 males,[1] and a literacy rate of 82.2%.[1]

Most of the population is Yaduvanshi Ahir . Mainly, this area is Yadav or Yaduvanshi Belt as main population are Yadavs/Ahirs. Ahirs/Yadavs of this area are different from rest of India Yadavs of their Physical & Mental Strength.[citation needed][original research?] Also their diet is the main reason for Strength.[citation needed][original research?]


The present MLA from Rewari is Rao Randhir Singh Kapriwas

Rezang La battle of 1962[edit]

Rezang La was the site of the last stand of the 13 Kumaon, an all-Ahir company, during the Sino-Indian War in 1962.[5] The company led by Major Shaitan Singh, who won a posthumous Param Vir Chakra for his actions. From the Indian point of view, Rezang La had the drawback that an intervening feature blocked artillery operation, so that the Indian infantry had to do without artillery cover.

In this action on 18 November 1962, 114 Indian soldiers out of a total of 123 were killed. Almost all of them were from Rewari. A memorial in Rewari, where most of the Ahir soldiers came from, states that 1700 Chinese soldiers were killed in the battle.[6] A memorial was constructed near Dharuhera Chowk in Rewari city by Rezangla Shaurya Samiti. Every year, memorial functions are held by the Samiti in collaboration with district administration and the Kumaon Regiment, and family members of those who died at Rezangla also take part.

  • About this horrific battle, Major-General Ian Cardozo, in his book ‘Param Vir, Our Heroes In Battle’ writes:
"When Rezang La was later revisited dead jawans were found in the trenches still holding on to their weapons... every single man of this company was found dead in his trench with several bullet or splinter wounds. The 2-inch mortar man died with a bomb still in his hand. The medical orderly had a syringe and bandage in his hands when the Chinese bullet hit him... Of the thousand mortar bombs with the defenders all but seven had been fired and the rest were ready to be fired when the (mortar) section was overrun.".
  • General T.N. Raina said:
"You rarely come across such example in the annals of world military history when braving such heavy odds, the men fought till the last bullet and the last man. Certainly the Battle of Rezang La is such a shining example."
"I had said many years ago that the Army must have a Ahir Regiment. The supreme sacrifice of the Charlie Company has fulfilled my expectations. I hope a suitable memorial will be built in Ahirwal in their memory so that the generations to come may seek inspiration from the immense courage and valour of their forefathers."
  • Brigadier Ved Pal Singh writes:
"Having been commissioned in 13 KUMAON (REZAG LA) and commanded the Battalion, I have the honour of "MARBLEISING" the sanctum sanctorum at Chushul, where 95 Martyrs were cremated in one single pyre which is history by itself. I visited the top of REZANG LA in September 1995 and found that the war-like stores still lie where they were left in 1962. With me were 25 soldiers who were the sons of 1962 Martyrs visiting their fathers' last footprints for the first time. The height is 17000 feet, oxygen is 50% of Delhi, temperature drops 40 degrees Celsius below zero, that's where these 114 CHORRA'S made the supreme sacrifice. We found the administrative dugout at the base of REZANG LA, conducted a hurried digging and discovered the Identity Discs (both oval and round) of Late Sepoy Ami Lal of then CHARLIE COMPANY, which are now displayed in a silver box in the Officers Mess of 13 KUMAON for posterity. "
  • Brigadier Vedpal Singh writes:
"Another fact of History of REZAG LA Battle is that on that night of 18 November 1962, in one of the listening post ( Eyes and Ears ) there were three AHIRS of steel, two brothers from the same mother and the third was the husband of their sister. All three provided valuable early warning about the approaching Chinese in human waves and fought bravely to their supreme end thus allowing their comrades to fight the battle to maximum possible time and imposing hundreds of casualties on Chinese. All three lay dead fighting in their Fox Hole TOGETHER."
  • Brigadier Ved Pal Singh writes:
"At young 60 years, I was at REZANG LA Memorial (CHUSHUL, LADAKH) on 17 November 2010 paying homage to 114 Martyrs of 13 KUMAON (REZANG LA). On arrival we did photography in moonlight of the magnificiant Memorial and felt the minus 20 degrees Celsius in the open and near actual conditions under which on 18 November 1962 actually 114 AHIRS "GAVE THEIR TODAY FOR OUR TOMMORROW". On 18 November 2010 at 10 A. M. a Guard of Honour was given followed by wreath laying ceremony and a "POOJA" was the finale. I salute the HEROS and will continue to physically repeat this minimum that I can do. [7]

Mission Clean Rewari[edit]

On 7 Nov 2014 the "Mission Clean Rewari" mobile app was launched as a real time civic engagement platform empowering Rewari’s people to be community heroes and report neighborhood issues from their smartphones. Within five days more than hundred problems were submitted by Rewari’s people. R. C. Verma, Deputy Commissioner of Rewari, has requested people to contribute and stated that he will personally monitor the associated website to successfully resolve issues submitted.[8]

Cities, towns, Blocks, villages, and other communities[edit]


  • Rewari (town)




  • Darauli
  • Haluhera (Former Minister Jagdish Yadav Village) Late. Shree Om Parkash Nambardar.
  • Nandha ( Chauhan Village )
  • Khandora
  • Gangaicha Ahir (Late Sh.Kishori Lal Panch Village)
  • Nangalia Ranmokh
  • Siha
  • Sadatnagar
  • Bhathera
  • Teent (Tint)
  • Bhurthal Jat
  • Kakoria
  • Bhurthal Thethar
  • Majri Duda
  • Ramgarh
  • Banipur
  • Bharawas
  • Balihar Khurd
  • Bikaner
  • Bishoha
  • Bitwana
  • Bhudla
  • Bhatsana
  • Kamalpur Mundanwas
  • Chandawas
  • Baldhan Kalan
  • Baldhan Khurd
  • Dhawana
  • Dhugrawas
  • Hansaka
  • Naya gaaon
  • Mohanpur
  • Garhi Bolni
  • Gogalgarh
  • Gothra
  • Gudhiyani(Guriani)
  • Bhuriawas/Bodiawas
  • Gurraawara
  • Jaliawas
  • Khatuwas
  • Kanwali
  • Jatusana
  • Kannina
  • Dahina
  • Punsika
  • Pithrawas
  • Zainabaad
  • Karnawas
  • Karoli
  • Khalil Pur
  • Kheda Alampur
  • Khedi Motla
  • Khushpura
  • Kumrodha
  • Hansaka
  • Ladhoowas
  • Lisana
  • Lula Ahir
  • Luhana
  • Lookhi
  • Mandola
  • Motla Kalan
  • Motla Khurd
  • Nimoth Pole Star School
  • Palhawas
  • Kamkamalpur Mundpur
  • Mohindinpur
  • Mastapur (BP Yadav Village)
  • Phideri
  • Rampura
  • Rampuri
  • Shyam Nagar
  • Suthana
  • Tankri
  • Gindokhar
  • Nainsukhpura
  • Bohatwas Ahir
  • Bangarwa
  • Dawana-Lalpur
  • Saharanwas
  • Chandawas
  • Hazariwas
  • Batori
  • Harjipur
  • Jhal
  • Juddi
  • Sadat Nagar
  • Surehli
  • Lulla Ahir
  • Tummana
  • kishangarh
  • Kalaka (water dam situated in this village)
  • Bhagwanpur
  • Karawara Manak Pur
  • Majra Gurdas
  • Mundi
  • Kharkhari
  • Lisan
  • Khaleta
  • Chimnawas
  • Masani (Bhatotia Village)
  • Kumbhawas
  • Bawwa Suresh Yadav Village
  • Kapriwas
  • Majra Bhalkhi
  • Nangli Godha


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