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Rewat is a small village near Degana, Nagaur district, Rajasthan in northern India, having 500-600 houses.

Much of the population belong to the Rajput caste.

One of India's significant deposits of tungsten ore is at Rewat.[1]

The main industry in and around this village is that the mining of tungsten. Highest[clarification needed] in the world of tungsten excavation is here[citation needed]. Rewant is also well known for Rewant Dev temple and is visited for hiking and mountain climbing. There are 600 steps at Rewant Dev hill.

The Chouhan were the persons who are live here. Ancestors of Brigadier Dhan shing Chouhan.


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Coordinates: 26°34′N 74°34′E / 26.567°N 74.567°E / 26.567; 74.567