Rewena bread

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Rēwena bread
Alternative namesRewena Bread
Place of originNew Zealand
Main ingredientsPotato flour

Rēwena parāoa (literally, "leavened bread,"[1] also spelled rewana) is a traditional Māori sourdough potato bread.


Rēwena means both "bread made with potato yeast" and "the process of fermentation that causes bread to rise."[2] The Maori word for potato, 'riwai'[3] (sometimes spelled 'rewa'), is the root word of rēwena.[4]


Rēwena bread uses a pre-ferment starter, also called a ‘bug.’[5] It is created by boiling and mashing potatoes, then adding flour and sugar.[6] Kumara, or sweet potatoes, may also be used.[7] The mixture is then allowed to ferment from one to several days, depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.[8] As with most sourdough breads, the starter can be maintained and used indefinitely, as long as the yeast is kept alive with regular feeding.[8] The potato starter and fermentation lends rēwena bread its characteristic sweet and sour taste.[8] The starter is then mixed with flour and water, kneaded, and baked- frequently in a round loaf.

Cultural significance[edit]

Rēwena may also be used to break the Maori taboo associated with visiting a cemetery by crumbling the bread over hands in lieu of washing with water.[9]

The "New World Rēwena Paraoa Baking Competition" is held during the Matariki Festival each year in New Zealand.[4]


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