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Rexford G. Newcomb (1886 – March 16, 1968 at Princeton, Illinois) was an American academician, architect, and author.

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Published works[edit]

  • Newcomb, Rexford (1973). The Franciscan Mission Architecture of Alta California. Dover Publications, Inc., New York, NY. ISBN 0-486-21740-X. 
  • Newcomb, Rexford (1928). Mediterranean domestic architecture in the United States. Acanthus Press Llc. ISBN 0-926494-13-9. 
  • Newcomb, Rexford (1990). Spanish-Colonial Architecture in the United States. Dover Publication. ISBN 978-0-486-26263-5. 
  • Old Kentucky architecture: Colonial, federal, Greek revival, Gothic, and other types erected prior to the American Civil War
  • Architecture in old Kentucky
  • Architecture of the Old Northwest Territory
  • Ceramic Whitewares: History, Technology, and Applications
  • Outlines of the history of architecture