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Rexford G. Newcomb (April 24, 1886 – March 16, 1968) was an American academician, architect, and author.


He was born in Independence, Kansas, on April 24, 1886. He died on March 16, 1968, at Princeton, Illinois.

Published works[edit]

  • Newcomb, Rexford (1973). The Franciscan Mission Architecture of Alta California. Dover Publications, Inc., New York, NY. ISBN 0-486-21740-X. 
  • Newcomb, Rexford (1928). Mediterranean domestic architecture in the United States. Acanthus Press Llc. ISBN 0-926494-13-9. 
  • Newcomb, Rexford (1990). Spanish-Colonial Architecture in the United States. Dover Publication. ISBN 978-0-486-26263-5. 
  • Old Kentucky architecture: Colonial, federal, Greek revival, Gothic, and other types erected prior to the American Civil War
  • Architecture in old Kentucky
  • Architecture of the Old Northwest Territory
  • Ceramic Whitewares: History, Technology, and Applications
  • Outlines of the history of architecture