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Reynaud Syverne "Rey" Robinson (born April 1, 1952) is a former American athlete.

At the age of 20, Robinson finished second to Eddie Hart at the Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon, equalling the world record at 9.9 s, and thus became one of the favorites for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

Although he was a co-holder of the world record for the 100 m, he was eliminated in his quarter-final heat when he and Hart missed the start due to their coach, Stan Wright, who had incorrect information about when the race would start.[1] Though still understandably bitter at what had occurred, Robinson has declared he no longer blames Wright for what happened.[2]

Robinson has continued in the sport as head track coach at Florida A&M University since 2001,[2][3] coaching multiple Olympic medalist Walter Dix.


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