Reykjanes Power Station

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Reykjanes Power Station
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Reykjanes Power Station
Reykjanes Power Station is located in Iceland
Reykjanes Power Station
Location of Reykjanes Power Station in Iceland
Official name Reykjanesvirkjun
Country Iceland
Location Reykjanes
Coordinates 63°49′35″N 22°40′55″W / 63.82639°N 22.68194°W / 63.82639; -22.68194Coordinates: 63°49′35″N 22°40′55″W / 63.82639°N 22.68194°W / 63.82639; -22.68194
Status Operational
Commission date May 2006
Construction cost US$100 million
Owner(s) HS Orka
Geothermal power station
Type Dry steam
Min. source temp. 290 °C (550 °F)
Wells 12
Max. well depth 2,700 m (8,900 ft)
Power generation
Units operational 2 × 50 MW
Nameplate capacity 100 MWe

The Reykjanes Power Station is a geothermal power station located in Reykjanes at the southwestern tip of Iceland. As of 2012, the plant generates 100 MWe from two 50 MWe turbines, using steam and brine from a reservoir at 290 to 320 °C, which is extracted from 12 wells that are 2700 m deep. This is the first time that geothermal steam of such high temperature has been used for electrical generation.[1][2]

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