Reynolds High School (Troutdale, Oregon)

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Reynolds High School
1698 SW Cherry Park Road
Troutdale, (Multnomah County), Oregon 97060
United States
Coordinates 45°31′44″N 122°24′06″W / 45.52887°N 122.401637°W / 45.52887; -122.401637Coordinates: 45°31′44″N 122°24′06″W / 45.52887°N 122.401637°W / 45.52887; -122.401637
Type Public
Opened 1957
School district Reynolds School District
Principal Wade Bakley[1]
Grades 9-12
Number of students 2822[2]
Color(s) Forest green, silver and white    
Athletics conference OSAA Mt. Hood Conference 6A-3
Mascot Raiders
Newspaper The Reveille

Reynolds High School is the only public high school in Troutdale, Oregon, United States, in the northeastern part of the Portland metropolitan area. It is part of the Reynolds School District, and is the second-largest high school in Oregon.[3]


The school takes its name from the school district, which was named for the Reynolds Aluminum plant in the city that closed in 2000.[4]

On May 29, 1979, a three-alarm fire injured three students and damaged the gym and theater.[5]

Reynolds High School merged with Columbia High School in 1989.[citation needed] Columbia High School is now the site of Reynolds High School, and the former Reynolds High School is now one of three middle schools in the district, Reynolds Middle School.[citation needed]

On June 10, 2014, a 14-year-old freshman was shot by another student.[6] A physical education teacher suffered non-life-threatening injuries.[7] The shooter, a 15-year-old student, fatally shot himself.[8][9][10][11][12] SWAT and FBI agents secured the school.[7][13]

In 2015, a bond resolution was proposed, which would grant the district $125,000,000 to help replace, and renovate several schools in the district, and install security upgrades in every school in the district.[14] A portion of this sum of money was used to remodel the northern portion of the main establishment. This specifically includes remodeled science, functional life-skills, culinary, and early childhood education classrooms, cafeteria area, and kitchen. Relocation of the main office and counseling office by the new and more secure main entry. And all buildings that make up the campus internally connected. Construction was started spring of 2017, and is projected to be complete fall of 2018.[15]


In 2008, 64% of the school's seniors received a high school diploma. Of 611 students, 388 graduated, 130 dropped out, 39 received a modified diploma, and 54 were still in high school the following year.[16][17]

In 2009, there were nearly 900 freshmen in the incoming class, a record for the school. This was combined with a 25% layoff of teachers, over 40 teachers at the school. This caused class sizes to increase.[18]

Notable alumni[edit]


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