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Reza Allamehzadeh (Persian: رضا علامه‌زاده‎) is an Iranian-born Dutch filmmaker, film critic and writer who lives in the Netherlands. He is primarily known for his films about refugees, such as The Guests of Hotel Astoria (1988), and the documentary Holy Crime (1994), about the murder of opposition figures in Europe by the Islamic regime in Iran.

Allamehzadeh was born in 1943 in Sari, Mazandaran province, Iran. He studied film directing at “Tehran Academy of Film and Television” in 1966-1969. Along with filmmaking, he writes and publishes children’s books, novels and short stories. He teaches film and TV courses in various universities including Hollins University in Virginia (US), Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) and International R/TV Training Center in the Netherlands, where he has been living since 1983.

Allamehzadeh has been one of the advocates of Kurdish cinema. He is native in Persian and fluent in English and to some extent Dutch and Spanish.


Some of his films are:

  • The Trap (1973), awarded Grand Prix at 12th International film festival for Children and Youth in Gijon, Spain.
  • A Few Simple Sentences (1986), awarded best short, Stockholm 1986, International Immigrant Film Festival; best children's film, Tomar 1987, International Festival of Cinema for Children and Youth; best children's film, International Centre of Films for Children and Youth (CIFEJ), International Moscow Film Festival, 1987.
  • The Guests of Hotel Astoria (1988), feature length, selected for the Venice, Moscow, Montreal and Chicago Film Festivals.
  • Holy Crime, a controversial documentary on state terrorism of Islamic government of Iran in European countries.
  • Iranian Taboo, a documentary on the Baha'i community in and outside Iran.

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