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Gholamreza "Reza" Nakahie Jazar is a professor of mechanical engineering at RMIT University.[1]


He received his master's degree from Tehran Polytechnic in 1990,[1] specializing in robotics. In 1997, he acquired his PhD from Sharif University of Technology[1] in nonlinear dynamics and applied mathematics.


Jazar is head of the Mechanical and Automotive Engineering department at RMIT in Melbourne, Victoria.[1]

He is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Nonlinear Engineering.[2]

Select publications[edit]

  • Jazar, Reza N. (2008). Vehicle Dynamics: Theory and Application. Springer. ISBN 9780387742441.
  • Jazar, Reza N. (2011). Theory of Applied Robotics: Kinematics, Dynamics, and Control. Springer. ISBN 9781441940865.
  • Jazar, Reza N. (2013). Advanced Vibrations: A Modern Approach. Springer. ISBN 9781461441595.
  • Jazar, Reza N. (2016). Nonlinear Approaches in Engineering Applications 2. Springer. ISBN 9781493945757.
  • Jazar, Reza N. (2019). Advanced Vehicle Dynamics. New York: Springer. pp. ISBN 978-3-030-13062-6.


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