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Rhabdopleura normani Sedgwick.png
Rhabdopleura normani
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Hemichordata
Class: Pterobranchia
Order: Rhabdopleurida
Family: Rhabdopleuridae
Genus: Rhabdopleura
Allman, 1869

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Rhabdopleurida is one of three orders in the class Pterobranchia, which are small, worm-shaped animals. Members belong to the hemichordates.[1][2] Species in this order are sessile, colonial, living in clear water and secrete tubes called coenecium. Rhabdopleura is the best studied pterobranchs in developmental biology.[3] Some claim Rhabdopleura is an extant graptolite.[4][5]


This small order is monotypic. It has only a single genus, containing four to six species.

Order Rhabdopleurida


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