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Temporal range: Middle - Late Triassic
Life restoration of the rhadinosuchid Chanaresuchus bonapartei
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Clade: Proterochampsia
Family: Rhadinosuchidae
Hoffstetter, 1955


Rhadinosuchidae is an extinct family of archosauriforms. It includes the proterochampsians Gualosuchus, Chanaresuchus, and Rhadinosuchus, all of which are from the Middle and Late Triassic of Argentina and Brazil.[1] Rhadinosuchus, the type genus of the family, was originally described as a rauisuchian in 1942.[2] Rhadinosuchidae was named in 1955 as a family that included Rhadinosuchus and the rauisuchian Procerosuchus.[3] When Rhadinosuchus was identified as a basal archosauriform in 2000, it was grouped with proterochampsids.[4] Gualosuchus and Chanaresuchus were included in the family, although they are often described as belonging to the family Proterochampsidae. Proterochampsia is occasionally used as a larger taxon that encompasses both Proterochampsidae sensu stricto and Rhadinosuchidae.


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