Rhagio mystaceus

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Rhagio mystaceus
Rhagio mystaceus.jpg
Scientific classification
R. mystaceus
Binomial name
Rhagio mystaceus
(Macquart, 1840)[1]
  • Leptis mystaceus Macquart, 1840[2]

Rhagio mystaceus, also known as the down-looker fly, downlooker snipefly[3] and common snipe fly,[4][5][6] is a species of flies from the family Rhagionidae.[7]


Rhagio mystaceus has an overall dark colour, with males growing to 7–9 mm, and females reaching 6–8 mm. The thorax has three dark dorsal stripes. Normally, the center stripe has a very thin, pale line running down the middle. On the abdomen, there are yellowish rings at the posterior of the segments. However, the basal segment on some specimens are mostly yellowish and have a black dorsal and lateral spot.[8]

The wing are patterned with dark tips.[9]

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