Rhapsody (comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance X-Factor #79
Created by Peter David
Jim Fern
In-story information
Alter ego Rachel Argosy
Species Human Mutant
Abilities flight, musical mental manipulation

Rhapsody (real name Rachel Argosy) is a fictional character, a mutant supervillainess in the Marvel Comics universe. She first appeared in X-Factor #79.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Rachel Argosy was a teacher, until, when she was twenty, her hair and skin turned light blue when her mutant powers developed. Despite being popular with the children, who nicknamed her Rhapsody, the parents complained about having an obvious mutant teacher and, after a meeting of the school board, she was fired.[volume & issue needed]

Two days later, while trying to use her power to convince Harry Sharp, the leader of her detractors on the school board, to reverse its decision, he died of a heart attack while in ecstasy from her power. While fleeing from the police, she stole a violin and used the music from it to fuel her power of flight. The police then called X-Factor, who sent Quicksilver and Jamie Madrox to help capture her.[volume & issue needed]

While Quicksilver helped bring her down and smashed her violin, she influenced the core Madrox with a flute, who, after his duplicates helped stop her, became angered and convinced Quicksilver to help him break her out. However, when she admitted to Madrox that Sharp had died, albeit not deliberately, at her hands, he rejected her angrily and returned her to prison.[volume & issue needed]

She is emotionally dependent on music and becomes depressed after an extended period without hearing it.

Powers and abilities[edit]

While music is playing in the vicinity - usually through her playing her own violin - she can fly and warp minds to manipulate emotions, induce hallucinations in others, or control minds completely - though some are more susceptible than others. Rhapsody retains her powers post-M-Day.

She is a talented violinist and flute player.



  • X-Factor v1 #79-81 (Marvel Comics; June 1992 - August 1992)
  • X-Men: The 198 Files (Marvel Comics; 2006)

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