Rhea's Obsession

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Rhea's Obsession
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
GenresDarkwave, gothic rock
Years active1995 (1995)–present
MembersJim Field, Sue Hutton, Dave Klotz, Chris Cawthray, Rakesh Tewari, Mike Klug

Rhea's Obsession, which takes its name from the Greek Titaness, Rhea, was a Canadian music group from Toronto. Their music mixes several different styles including gothic rock, darkwave, and world music, similar to Dead Can Dance.

Brief history[edit]

Rhea's Obsession's was a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Jim Field, who had worked with the Toronto band Dinner Is Ruined, and vocalist/instrumentalist Sue Hutton. In addition to their professional association, the two were also a couple.

Their first project was the 1995 score for Tabulae Anatomicae Sex, an experimental dance film. After working on scores for television and film, they recorded Initiation in 1996. Two songs from the album (Cun Lacoudhir and Death by Moonlight) were used in the TV series La Femme Nikita. Rhea's Obsession also were featured in Battlestar Galactica, among many other film and television productions.

In 1998, Rhea's Obsession performed at Convergence IV,[1] an annual North American gothic festival.

While touring in support of Initiation, Rhea caught the attention of Metropolis Records, who released Rhea's second album, Between Earth and Sky, and a reissue of Initiation (called Re:Initiation) in 2001.

Field and Hutton broke up as a couple later in 2001. As a result, Rhea's Obsession was in a state of limbo for a while, but after a time Field and Hutton decided to continue working together. However, a planned third album called Walk On Fire (which had been announced for 2007) was never completed or issued. The band has not played live since the mid-2000s, and has not updated their website since 2007.

Hutton is debuting a band in 2018 on Metropolis Records called Indarra Indarra. Field now plays in ambient drone metal band Northumbria.


Core members[edit]

Live members[edit]

  • Rob Greenway - Drums
  • Syn - Keyboards
  • Rakesh Tewari - Drums, Tabla, Percussion
  • Ed Hanley - Tabla


  1. Initiation (1996, re-released on Metropolis Records as Re:Initiation in 2001)
  2. Eclipse: A Collection of Rarities & Music for Film (1999, Limited Release—Only 500 copies)
  3. Between Earth and Sky (2001)

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