Rhein in Flammen

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Rhein in Flammen 2011 in Koblenz with the Deutsche Eck at the right side
The fireworks in Bonn

Rhein in Flammen (English: "Rhine in Flames") is the name of five different firework displays along the river Rhine in Germany. The displays take place annually, at various locations along the river. On the five different dates, brightly illuminated ships sail the river in an evening convoy for their passengers to see the full firework display at each location of the river. The firework displays are started when the ships arrive. During the firework displays in St. Goar and St. Goarshausen, the convoy waits statically between the two castles Burg Maus and Burg Rheinfels. On the river banks wine festivals take place that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The biggest "Rhein in Flammen" event takes place in Koblenz every year, on the second Saturday in August. The Bonn event takes place at the Rheinauen Park in Bonn, on the first Saturday in May.

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