Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt

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Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt
Race details
Date April–May
Region Rhineland-Palatinate
English name International Rhineland-Palatinate Tour
Local name(s) International Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt (in German)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage race
First edition 1966 (1966)
Editions 42
Final edition 2007 (2007)
First winner  Ortwin Czarnowksi (GER)
Final winner  Gerald Ciolek (GER)

The International Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt was a multi-stage road bicycle race held in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Start of the Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt 2006 in Koblenz

In its early years, it was an amateur race. The edition of 1969 was notable for the domination of Fedor den Hertog, winning nine of the eleven stages, and the overall classification with a large margin.[1] After 2005 it was part of the UCI Europe Tour, being organised as 2.1 race. It has not been held since 2007.


Rider Team
1966 Germany Czarnowski, OrtwinOrtwin Czarnowski (GER)
1967 Germany Gombert, MartinMartin Gombert (GER)
1968 Germany Czarnowski, OrtwinOrtwin Czarnowski (GER)
1969 Netherlands Hertog, Fedor denFedor den Hertog (NED)
1970 Germany Muddemann, Karl-HeinzKarl-Heinz Muddemann (GER)
1971 Germany Koslar, DieterDieter Koslar (GER)
1972 Germany Kuster, Karl HeinzKarl-Heinz Küster (GER)
1973 Germany Weibel, PeterPeter Weibel (GER)
1974 Netherlands Hoek, Aard van denAard van den Hoek (NED)
1975 Norway Andersen, ThorleifThorleif Andersen (NOR)
1976 Poland Nowicki, MieczysławMieczysław Nowicki (POL)
1977 Poland Sujka, KrzysztofKrzysztof Sujka (POL)
1978 Netherlands Rooy, Theo deTheo de Rooy (NED)
1979 Norway Wilman, JosteinJostein Wilman (NOR)
1980 Denmark Moller, ThomasThomas Möller (DEN)
1981 Czechoslovakia Ferebauer, LadislavLadislav Ferebauer (TCH)
1982 Austria Wechselberger, HelmutHelmut Wechselberger (AUT)
1983 East Germany Radtke, DanDan Radtke (DDR)
1984 Czechoslovakia Jurco, MilanMilan Jurco (TCH)
1985 East Germany Ludwig, OlafOlaf Ludwig (DDR)
1986 East Germany Barth, ThomasThomas Barth (DDR)
1987 East Germany Kummer, MarioMario Kummer (DDR)
1988 Germany Henn, ChristianChristian Henn (GER)
1989 Poland Halupczok, JoachimJoachim Halupczok (POL)
1990 Germany Hundertmarck, KaiKai Hundertmarck (GER)
1991 Germany Audehm, GerdGerd Audehm (GER)
1992 Germany Audehm, GerdGerd Audehm (GER)
1993 Germany Dietz, BertBert Dietz (GER)
1994 France Vasseur, CedricCédric Vasseur (FRA)
1995 Germany Reuss, JornJörn Reuss (GER)
1996 Germany Ludwig, OlafOlaf Ludwig (GER)
1997 Latvia Ozols, DainisDainis Ozols (LAT)
1998 United States Armstrong, LanceLance Armstrong (USA)
1999 Belgium Wauters, MarcMarc Wauters (BEL)
2000 Belgium Wauters, MarcMarc Wauters (BEL)
2001 Netherlands Dekker, ErikErik Dekker (NED)
2002 Germany Scholz, RonnyRonny Scholz (GER)
2003 Italy Nardello, DanieleDaniele Nardello (ITA)
2004 Germany Glasner, BjornBjörn Glasner (GER)
2005 Germany Rich, MichaelMichael Rich (GER)
2006 Austria Haselbacher, ReneRene Haselbacher (AUT)
2007 Germany Ciolek, GeraldGerald Ciolek (GER)


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