Rheinmetall RMG.50

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Type Heavy machine gun
Place of origin Germany
Production history
Designed 2008-09
Manufacturer Rheinmetall
Weight 25.0 kg

Cartridge 12.7x99 mm NATO
Caliber .50BMG
Barrels 1
Action gearbox-driven crank, externally powered[1]
Rate of fire 600 rounds per minute
Effective firing range 1800 m
Feed system dual linkless feed

The RMG.50 is a heavy machine gun of German origin under development by Rheinmetall. The RMG.50 machine gun is under development by the company under contract to the Bundeswehr as a replacement for the Browning M2HB recoil-operated heavy machine gun of the same calibre. According to a company representative, work on the RMG.50 started in 2008 and the first firings took place at the end of 2009. A second prototype has since been completed and is planned to have started trials in August 2010. A third prototype will be delivered in 2011 for internal qualification and pre-series weapons are due to be delivered to the German Ministry of Defence test authority in 2012.


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