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Rhett is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Given name:


  • Alicia Rhett (1915–2014), American portrait painter and actress; acted in Gone with the Wind
  • Cecily Rhett (contemporary), American film editor
  • Errict Rhett (born 1970), American professional football player
  • Robert Rhett (1800–1876), American secessionist politician from South Carolina; U.S. senator 1850–52; Confederate congressman
  • Thomas G. Rhett (1821–1878), American army officer, Confederate major-general
  • William Rhett (fl. early 18th century), American colonial leader from South Carolina

Stage name:

Fictional characters:

  • Rhett Butler, from the 1936 novel and 1939 film Gone With The Wind
  • Rhett the Boston Terrier, official costumed mascot of the Boston University and Boston University Academy Terriers