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Rhianna Patrick (born 1977)[1] is a Torres Strait Islander radio personality who was born in Brisbane[2] and lived in Weipa as a child, moving to Brisbane aged 10.[1] She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland in 1999 with a double major in journalism.[3] She has worked in radio[3] and television.[4]


While studying she worked at 4AAA Indigenous Radio Station as the Breakfast announcer for nearly three years[1] and also as the rugby reporter on the station's sports show. In 2002 she joined the ABC in Sydney as a cadet and spent a year in Mackay. She returned to Sydney in 2004 working as newsreader in the Triple J News Team[4] for the ABC where she has continued her career in radio and television.

She worked on the Indigenous television program Message Stick in various roles including as an Associate Producer/Researcher.[2]

She produced, directed and wrote A Close Shave (2002) a documentary on a young Torres Strait Islander boy; directed Coming of the Light (2006); wrote Troubled Waters (2007)[5] and was co-writer of Stylin'up[6] (2007) all part of the Message Stick series[7]

For 5 years until early 2014 Patrick hosted Speaking Out on radio. Then she moved to Brisbane until mid-April to act as stand-in host of Afternoon in south-east Queensland.[8]

She was also presenting stories on Awaye! Radio Nationals indigenous arts and culture radio programme in 2014.[2] In 2017 she presented a radio series on Sunday evenings which included the discussion of films, music, nostalgia, and current news topics and playing music.[9]

Rhianna Patrick was on the program to appear at two events for the 2017 Brisbane Writers Festival in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.[10]

Private life[edit]

She is married to David Wright, the former producer of Speaking Out.[2]


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