Rhinoceros Party of Canada candidates, 1988 Canadian federal election

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The Rhinoceros Party of Canada fielded several candidates in the 1988 federal election, none of whom were elected. Information about these candidates may be found on this page.


Papineau—Saint-Denis: Carole Ola Clermont[edit]

Carole Ola Clermont described herself as a co-ordinator.[1] She received 987 votes (2.51%), finishing fourth against Liberal incumbent André Ouellet.[2]

Richelieu: Paul Poison Hevey[edit]

Paul Poison Hevey described himself as a civil servant.[3] He received 457 votes (0.98%), finishing fifth against Progressive Conservative incumbent Louis Plamondon. His nickname was a bilingual pun, referring to poison ivy.[4]


Nickel Belt: Keith J. Claven[edit]

Keith J. Claven listed his occupation as "merchant marine".[5] He received 202 votes (0.52%), finishing fifth against New Democratic Party incumbent John Rodriguez.


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