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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Zygomycota
Class: Zygomycetes
Order: Mucorales
Family: Mucoraceae
Genus: Rhizomucor
Lucet & Costantin (1900)
Type species
Rhizomucor parasiticus
(Lucet & Costantin) Lucet & Costantin (1900)

R. endophyticus
R. miehei
R. pakistanicus
R. pusillus
R. tauricus
R. variabilis

Rhizomucor is a genus of fungi in the Mucoraceae family. The widespread genus contains six species.[1] Rhizomucor parasiticus, the species originally selected as the type, is now considered synonymous with Rhizomucor pusillus.[2]


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