Rho Delta Chi

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Rho Delta Chi
Rho Delta Chi Crest
FoundedJanuary 17, 1991; 31 years ago (January 17, 1991)
University of California, Riverside
 United States
MottoTogether as One, Striving for Excellence
PillarsSisterhood, Scholastics, Service, Social
Colors  Dusty Rose
     Teal Green
SymbolHeart with a Halo on the Left Side
FlowerWhite rose with red trim
MascotWhite Dove
WebsiteOfficial website

Rho Delta Chi (ΡΔΧ) (also known as "Rhos"), is an Asian-interest, but not Asian exclusive, sorority founded at the University of California, Riverside on January 17, 1991. Rho Delta Chi focuses on 4 main pillars which include: Sisterhood, Service, Scholastics, and Social. It is a rapidly growing multicultural sorority that has expanded to over 6 chapters in the U.S.[1][2]


Rho Delta Chi was established on January 17, 1991 as the first Asian American sorority at the University of California, Riverside. The sorority was formed by fourteen women called Founding Mothers.

Founding Mothers[edit]

  • Rose An
  • Kathy Bak
  • Janet Fukuhara
  • Kim Hirano
  • Christine Ige Shimane
  • Sue Lee
  • Jackie Phaphui
  • Christine Sato Yamazaki
  • Jina Song
  • Mina Song
  • Stephanie Tanaka Chang
  • Stephanie Uchida Lee
  • Lana Wong
  • Min Yi Kim

Traditions and Symbolism[edit]

The founding mothers of the Alpha chapter chose the Greek letters ΡΔΧ in hopes of bringing harmony among all ethnicities. This also represents the symbolic representation of ΡΔΧ which means "peace" in Latin.

Rho Chant[edit]

Sorority chants are used at meetings, social events, public events, and step shows. Different sororities and fraternities create chants as a response to their organizations being called in a roll call of attending sorority and fraternity events. The national Rho Chant is as follows:

Who are we?

Rho D.

D. What?

Delta Chi



Rise Together
Rhos Forever.

This sorority chant was drafted at the 2012 Rho Delta Chi National Convention through the collaboration of the Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Epsilon chapters. Although the national Rho Chant is used by every chapter, shorter variations may exist among individual chapters


In the year of 2016, Rho Delta Chi established a national philanthropy. Rho Delta Chi's national philanthropy is partnered with the American Lung Association (ALA).


Rho Delta Chi has four active chapters and one colony. Active chapters are indicated in bold, inactive chapters in italics.[1]

Chapter Type Status Founding institution Location Charter date
Active years
Alpha Chapter Inactive University of California, Riverside Riverside, California January 17, 1991–20xx?
Beta Chapter Active Texas A&M University College Station, Texas November 10, 1995
Gamma Chapter Inactive University of California, San Diego San Diego, California November 9, 2002–20xx?
Delta Chapter Active University of the Pacific Stockton, California May 21, 2005
Epsilon Chapter Active San Francisco State University San Francisco, California February 19, 2012
Zeta Chapter Active California State University, Northridge Northridge, California February 2, 2013
Eta Active Colony The University of Texas at San Antonio San Antonio, Texas July 13, 2013


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