Rho Indi b

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Rho Indi b
Discovered by Jones et al.
Discovery site Australia
Discovery date Sept 17, 2002
Doppler Spectroscopy
HD 216437 b
HIP 113137 b
Orbital characteristics
Periastron 1.727 AU
Apastron 3.345 AU
2.536 AU
Eccentricity 0.319±0.025
1353±25 d
(3.704 y)
19.92 km/s
Inclination ?
95.698 mas
2,450,605±29 JD
Semi-amplitude 39.0±1.0 m/s
Physical characteristics
Mass >2.26 MJ

Rho Indi b is a planet that orbits around Rho Indi. Its semimajor axis is 2.54 AU placing just outside the star’s habitable zone. The planet takes 3.7 years to orbit the star. It is over twice as massive as Jupiter.

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Coordinates: Sky map 22h 54m 39.4833s, −70° 04′ 25.352″