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Rhoades Car
Private company
Industry Cycle manufacturing
Founded 1991
Founder David Rhoades, President 1992-2009[1]
Headquarters Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States
Key people
Bill Pomakoy, President/CEO[1]
Products Quadracycles
Parent Rhoades Car International, LLC
Website www.rhoadescar.com

Rhoades Car, founded in 1991, is located in Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States. The company was founded by David Rhoades, and he served as its president until his death in late 2009 from heart disease at age 60. He was succeeded as president by Bill Pomakoy in 2010. The company is now known as Rhoades Car International.[1]

Rhoades Car's sole products are a line of four-wheel bikes, also known as quadracycles. The company markets these products under the slogan “The 4-wheel bike that drives like a car!”.[2]

Rhoades Car is one of the world’s largest quadracycle manufacturers.[3]


2007 model Rhoades Car 4W2PCP Coupe quadracycle

All Rhoades Car bikes are made from welded square 2×2-inch 0.0598-inch (14-gauge) steel tubes. They feature 20×2.125-inch wheels. The two- and four-seat models have independent pedaling, with compound transmissions of up to 42 gears available.[3]


The company’s current product line includes:

  • 4W1P – single-seat quadracycle
  • 4W2PCP Coupe – two-seat side-by-side quadracycle
  • 4W2PLF – two-seat long-frame quadracycle with longer cargo area
  • 4W4P – four-seat quadracycle
  • e-one SportPed – single-seat electric-assist quadracycle
  • e-two SportPed – two-seat electric-assist quadracycle
  • e-four SportPed - four-seat electric-assist quadracycle
  • Go-Boy – industrial-use quadracycles[2]
  • Rhoades Solaride - 2 and 4 person versions
  • Rhoades ComfortRide - one person quadracycle with 20" wide seat


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