Roda Island

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Roda Island
Native name:
جزيرة الروضة
Rhoda Island, Cairo.png
OpenStreetMap rendering of Roda Island
LocationNile River, Cairo
Coordinates30°01′15″N 31°13′32″E / 30.02083°N 31.22556°E / 30.02083; 31.22556Coordinates: 30°01′15″N 31°13′32″E / 30.02083°N 31.22556°E / 30.02083; 31.22556

Roda Island or Rawdah Island, (Arabic: جزيرة الروضة‎, Gezīret er-Rōdah  [ɡɪˈziːɾɪt eɾˈɾoːdɑ]) is an island located on the Nile in central Cairo.[1]

The El-Manial district and the Al-Manyal Palace Museum and gardens are located on the island. It is west of historic Old Cairo, across a small branch of the Nile. The island has one of the oldest Islamic buildings in Egypt, the Nilometer on its southern tip.[1]



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