Rhode Island Boy Scouts

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Rhode Island Boy Scouts
Rhode Island Boy Scouts.png
Location Rhode Island
Country United States
Founded August 29, 1910
Founder Col. Charles E. Mulhearn
Membership 1200 (10/1911)
Affiliation American Boy Scouts (1910-1911)
Boy Scouts of America (1917-present)
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The Rhode Island Boy Scouts (RIBS), formerly American Boy Scouts of Rhode Island , was a Scouting organization in the United States from 1910 until its merger with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in 1917. RIBS is affiliated with Narragansett Council BSA, headquartered in East Providence, RI. RIBS owns all properties operated by Narragansett Council with the exception of Cachalot Scout Reservation, acquired through a 2002 merger with Moby Dick Council, headquartered in New Bedford MA, and Camp Norse which was acquired in 2015 through a merger with Annawon Council, headquartered in Norton, MA. [1] RIBS still exists as a trustee organization.[2]


The American Boy Scouts of Rhode Island was founded by Charles E. Mulhearn on August 29, 1910 with the meeting of an executive committee. The next day, the committee requested a charter from the New England Department Headquarters of the American Boy Scouts. At a September 8, 1910 executive committee meeting, the organization selected its first officers. On March 12, 1911, the organization voted to break away from the American Boy Scouts and was renamed as the Rhode Island Boy Scouts.[3] The State issued a state charter to the RIBS as a state institution.[4]

In 1917 RIBS merged with the BSA with the BSA granting all members of RIBS back service.[2]

RIBS kept its corporate identity after the merger allowing it to continue receiving bequests, funds, and properties, creating the RIBS trustee organization.[2] The trustee organization exists today and owns much of the properties and camps operated by the Narragansett Council. This excludes Camp Cachalot and Camp Norse which the council owns outright as a result of mergers with the former Moby Dick Council and Annawon Council in Massachusetts.

Chief officers[edit]

Chief Scout Term
Charles E. Mulhearn September 6, 1910 - April 12, 1911
Charles W. Abbot, Jr. March 12, 1911[3] - March 10, 1912
Harry Culter March 10, 1912[4] -
Chief Commissioner Term
G. Edward Buxton September 6, 1910 – April 12, 1911
John R. Ratham April 12, 1911[3] -


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