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The Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (RIDE) is one of two state education agencies of Rhode Island; the other being the Rhode Island Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner (RIOPC). It is headquartered in Providence.[1] The current Commissioner is Dr. Ken Wagner, Ph.D. Dr. Wagner was appointed by the Rhode Island Board of Education (Board) on July 13, 2015. He was preceded as Commissioner by Dr. Deborah A. Gist (2009-2015).


The Rhode Island Department of Education operates under the strategic planning and policy-making guidance of the Rhode Island Council on Elementary and Secondary Education, one of two Councils of the Board. RIDE has the following teams, all under the leadership of the Commissioner:

Teaching and Learning[edit]


Fiscal Operations[edit]

Commissioner Support[edit]

Educator Certification[3][edit]

The Rhode Island Department of Education certifies all public school teachers, administrators and support professionals in line with the State's certification regulations. There are four pathways for educators to become certified:

  • The RI Approved Program Pathway allows individuals to become certified after completion of an in-state educator preparation program.
  • The Credential Review Pathway allows eligible individuals to pursue RI certification in a limited number of certificate areas by following a differentiated program of study (determined by a consortium institution or RIDE).
  • The Reciprocity Pathway allows individuals who completed a state approved out-of-state preparation program or who hold valid full out-of-state certificates to pursue a similar RI certification.
  • The Preliminary Certificate Pathway allow individuals to seek and secure employment while pursuing the requirements for full RI certification.


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