Rhode Island on Lovecraft

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Rhode Island on Lovecraft
Author edited by Donald M. Grant and Thomas G. Hadley
Illustrator Betty Wells Halladay
Country United States
Language English
Subject Memoir
Publisher Grant-Hadley Enterprises
Publication date
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 26 pp
OCLC 2963954

Rhode Island on Lovecraft is a 26-page collection of memoirs about H. P. Lovecraft and is edited by Donald M. Grant and Thomas G. Hadley. The memoirs were written by those who had lived in Providence, Rhode Island with Lovecraft. It was released in 1945 by Grant-Hadley Enterprises in an edition of 500 copies. Grant Hadley reprinted the collection in December 1945 in an edition of 1,000 copies (this reprint has brown wrappers, whereas the true first edition is in green wrappers). Aside from the reprint, it was the only book published by Grant-Hadley.


  • Foreword, by the editors
  • "Lovecraft as a Poet", by Winfield Townley Scott (note: this first version of Scott's essay was revised as " A Parenthesis on Lovecraft as Poet" and was printed in Scott's Exiles and Fabrications; revised version also reprinted in S.T. Joshi (ed). H.P. Lovecraft: Four Decades of Criticism (Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 1980).
  • "Lovecraft and Benefit Street", by Dorothy C. Walter
  • "Howard Phillips Lovecraft", by Mrs. Muriel E. Eddy
  • "Miscellaneous Impressions", by Marian F. Bonner
  • "A Glimpse of H.P.L.", by Mary V. Dana

Marion F. Bonner's surname was incorrectly printed in the publication as 'Barner'.

The memoir by Walter had a previous publication in booklet form (North Montpelier, VT: W. Paul Cook (Driftwind Press) [1943].

The memoirs by Bonner, Dana and Walter have been reprinted by Peter Cannon in Lovecraft Remembered (1998).


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