Rhodesians Worldwide

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Rhodesians Worldwide
Editors Chris & Annette Whitehead
Former editors Peter & Julia Hagelthorn
Frequency Quarterly
Founder Geoff Hill
Year founded 1984; 34 years ago (1984)
Country United States
Based in Arizona
Language English
Website rhodesians-worldwide.com

Rhodesians Worldwide is a quarterly contact magazine for Rhodesian citizens and other people who desire to maintain a link with Rhodesia. It is distributed in 60 countries. It is affiliated with many other Rhodesian diaspora organisations, closely linked with the ZRWAF[1] in the United Kingdom, which is a registered charity assisting those who have once called Rhodesia or Zimbabwe their home.

The magazine's editorial staff maintain contact with several worldwide Rhodesian organisations. They are dedicated to preserving the history of Rhodesia and her people. In 2008 the quarterly was cited in a dissertation by a student of the University of Helsinki.[2] It is non-political, non-partisan, and does not accept political advertising.


The magazine was founded in Australia by Geoff Hill in approximately 1984. Its base was moved to the United Kingdom ca. 1986, when Peter and Julia Hagelthorn became its editors. In 1998 Chris and Annette Whitehead took over as editors, basing the magazine in the United States.[3]


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