Rhodri Philipps, 4th Viscount St Davids

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Rhodri Colwyn Philipps, 4th Viscount St Davids (born 16 September 1966) is a British peer, the eldest son of Colwyn Philipps, 3rd Viscount St Davids. Besides his viscountcy, he holds the older titles of Baron Strange of Knockin (1299), Baron Hungerford (1426), and Baron de Moleyns(1445), & the Baronetcy of Picton Castle (1621). He is also a co-heir to the barony of Grey de Ruthyn.

The Viscount is married to the interior decorator, Sarah Louise Butcher.

Financial problems[edit]

The Viscount has been made bankrupt on three occasions: on 17 June 2002, on 4 March 2011, and on 25 February 2016. He is currently an undischarged bankrupt.

In September 2008, the Viscount was given a two-year suspended sentence in a German court for mismanagement of funds related to his company Hans Brochier.[1] He is appealing against this sentence.[2]

In September 2010, the Viscount's West Sussex property, Strange Place, in Northchapel, was repossessed by Barclays Bank.[3]

In November 2011, the Viscountess was sued for unpaid debts.[4]

In March 2012, he unsuccessfully sued Corporate & Chancery for £110M in the Supreme Court of Mauritius, alleging fraud and mismanagement. [5]


Arms of Rhodri Philipps, 4th Viscount St Davids
A Coronet of a Viscount
A Lion as in the Arms
Argent a Lion rampant Sable ducally gorged and chained Or langued and armed Gules
Dexter: a Knight vested in chain armour the Jupon charged with the arms of Philipps and resting his exterior hand upon the Hilt of his Sword; Sinister: a Knight vested in plate armour his Jupon charged with the arms of Wogan (Or on a Chief Sable three Martlets of the field) and resting his exterior hand upon the Hilt of his Sword; both standing upon a Battlemented Wall all proper
Ducit Amor Patriae (Patriotism is my motive)


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Peerage of the United Kingdom
Preceded by
Colwyn Philipps
Viscount St Davids