Rhomboid muscles

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Rhomboid muscle
Muscles connecting the upper extremity to the vertebral column.
Origin nuchal ligaments, spinous processes of the C7 to T5 vertebrae
Insertion medial border of the scapula
Artery dorsal scapular artery
Nerve dorsal scapular nerve
Actions Pulls scapulae medially, rotates scapulae, Holds scapluae into thorax wall
Latin musculi rhomboidei
TA A04.3.01.007
FMA 13380 13379, 13380
Anatomical terms of muscle

The rhomboid muscles (/ˈrɒmbɔɪd/), often simply called the rhomboids, are rhombus-shaped muscles associated with the scapula and are chiefly responsible for its retraction. They are innervated by the dorsal scapular nerve. There are two rhomboid muscles on each side of the upper back:

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