Rhyl Miniature Railway

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Rhyl Miniature Railway
Rheilffordd Fach y Rhyl
Rhyl MR Joan 05-08-13 05.jpeg
Joan is one of the original Rhyl Engines
Locale Denbighshire, Wales
Dates of operation 1 May 1911–
Track gauge 15 in (381 mm)
Length 1 mile (1.6 km)
Headquarters Rhyl
Website http://www.rhylminiaturerailway.co.uk
Visiting engine Effie is a replica of a Heywood Engine.

The Rhyl Miniature Railway (Welsh: Rheilffordd Fach y Rhyl) is a 15 in (381 mm) gauge miniature railway line located in Rhyl on the North Wales Coast. The line runs in a circle around a boating lake near the promenade, to the west of the town centre. The railway is operated by Rhyl Steam Preservation Trust, a Registered charity.[citation needed]

The railway has a long association with one type of locomotive, a class of 6 13 scale 4-4-2 tender engines built by Albert Barnes & Co of Rhyl.[citation needed]


Name Number Type Built By Date Description
Joan 101 4-4-2 Albert Barnes & Co 1920 Designed by Henry Greenly this was the first of 6 locomotives of this type built
Railway Queen 102 4-4-2 Albert Barnes & Co 1921 This locomotive worked at the Woodland Park Miniature Railway; a short-lived line beside the shore of the Isle of Grain, and was originally named Michael not to be confused with 105
Michael 105 4-4-2 Albert Barnes & Co c1925 Now in Full Working Order
Billy 106 4-4-2 Albert Barnes & Co c1930 Static exhibit in the Albert Barnes Room on site
44 4-4-0 Cagney Brothers New York c1910 Is one of a few working examples in the UK. She was brought to the UK in 1999 disassembled and rebuilt from there
Clara S/O 0-4-2DH Guest & Saunders Light Engineering 1961 This Steam outline Diesel was built for services on the Dudley zoo railway and brought to Rhyl in 1978. Now rebuilt with hydraulic transmission which was finished in winter 2011
2W-2-4BER Hayne/Minirail 1958 This Rail car was converted to battery power in 1983 from a normal coach
10498 4wDM Lister 1938 This locomotive was converted from 2 ft Gauge to 15 and brought to Rhyl in 1999
Henry Greenly 4-4-2 Rhyl Miniature Railway 2008– still under construction This Steam Engine is currently being built and is a replica of a Bassett-Lowke Class 10 locomotive

Rolling stock[edit]

The Rolling stock on the RMR (Rhyl Miniature Railway) includes eight "Cars De luxe", two small carriages, two Cagney carriages, and various other non passenger stock.[citation needed]

Albert Barnes Room[edit]

This Room holds Billy, Display boards, a hands-on interactive signalling feature and an interactive touch screen computer.[citation needed]


"Michael" with a short train in 1978.

Work on the railway began in December 1910 when it was surveyed by Henry Greenly, to whom permission was given to start work in March 1911, and the railway opened to the public on 1 May 1911. The railway proved to be a great success in its first year. The railway was originally operated using a single Bassett-Lowke Class 10 Atlantic and 6 Bassett-Lowke carriages. In 1913 it was decided to buy a second Class 10 and the "cars de luxe" were built in the companies' workshop. In 1920 the decision was taken to replace the two Class 10 with something more powerful due to them being stretched to their limits during peak season. The resulting engine was the "Barnes Atlantic". Six were built in Rhyl, 4 for the RMR and 2 for elsewhere.

It all came to an end in 1969. Rhyl Amusements was by then a subsidiary of Trust House Forte Leisure Ltd, whereas the Marine Lake itself belongs to the Borough Council. Trust House would not invest further in the Marine Lake site without a very long lease being granted, which the Council refused. As a result, Trust House decided to concentrate all its resources at Ocean Beach, and handed back the Marine Lake to the Council in 1970, completely bare.[1]

The trackbed then lay bare until 1978 when it was relaid. The railway then started running trains on 1 July 1978.[citation needed]

The new Central station building was opened in May 2007.[citation needed]


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