Rhyme Rider Kerorican

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Rhyme Rider Kerorican
Rhyme Rider Kerorican cover.jpg
Developer(s) NanaOn-Sha, Ltd.
Publisher(s) Bandai
Designer(s) Masaya Matsuura
Platform(s) WonderSwan Color
  • JP: December 6, 2000
Genre(s) Music
Mode(s) Single-player

Rhyme Rider Kerorican (ライムライダー・ケロリカン) styled as Rhyme RiDER Kerorican (for the remake) is a music video game. In the style of Vib-Ribbon, game's plot involve the adventures of Kerorican, a female astronaut wearing kemonomimi-style frog-helmet, as she walks along accompanied by jazzy techno music. As Kerorican continues her walk, she encounters enemies and obstacles. Kerorican must jump, duck, kick aside, or otherwise dodge these obstacles to progress and as she does so, the actions she takes add notes to the song such that the player's actions results in a generative melody. By successfully clearing strings of obstacles, Kerorican's combo count increases, and this can result in a reward to the player of a crown that acts to skip over obstacles. This game is played with the WonderSwan Color held diagonally, the only game on the system to do so; this is why all text in the game is oblique.[1]

The game is notable for criticized difficulty of gameplay as timing and tricky button combinations often result in the character's death. The game also contains only four levels, so replayability value has also been considered a negative factor.[citation needed]

The iOS remake is called Kerorican by BrittanyMiller24 with music and sound by Cindy Hoe Miller. Music producer Candy Master, recorded the music of the two stages to songs that called "They Sound The Worst" and "The Grooves Of The Skies (The Boiling Rice Song)", another named Minty Milkshake recorded two stages to song called "Swirl's Theme" and "Space Girl Mira" in the remake of the game. This is made for the iOS and Android.


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