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Cover of Rhythm, Spring 1912
Cover of The Blue Review, May 1913

Rhythm (briefly known as The Blue Review) was a literary, arts, and critical review magazine published in London, England from 1911 to 1913.

The first issue of Rhythm was a summer 1911 edition. It was a quarterly until after the Spring 1912 issue, when it began to publish monthly. The final issue under the name Rhythm was published in March 1913; in May 1913, the magazine resumed publication under the name The Blue Review. After publishing additional issues in June and July 1913, the magazine then ceased publication.

The magazine, sometimes referred to as a "little magazine", was focused primarily on literature, music, art, and theatre.

Throughout its history, the magazine was edited by John Middleton Murry, with Katherine Mansfield serving as the associate editor from June 1912 until the magazine folded. Its title was borrowed from a major painting of a female nude (a drawing of which appears on its front cover) by J. D. Fergusson who became its art editor.[1] The magazine went through three separate publishers: it began with St Catherine Press; when it became a monthly, it was published by Stephen Swift & Co. Under the name The Blue Review, it was published by Martin Secker.

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