Rhythm Zone

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Rhythm Zone
RZN NewLogo 2009.gif
Parent company Avex Group
Founded 1999 (1999)
Founder Max Matsuura
Distributor(s) Avex Marketing
Genre Pop, contemporary R&B
Country of origin Japan
Location Minato, Tokyo
Official website rhythmzone.net

Rhythm Zone (リズムゾーン, Rizumu Zōn) (RZN) is a record label in the Avex Records Group which releases all kinds of urban contemporary Japanese music.


The "RZ mark" (former logo).

The label was founded in 1999 by Max Matsuura to address the need for a new urban music label, signing M-Flo as its first artist, then followed by Exile.

In 2000, Koda Kumi was signed by Rhythm Zone and debuted with the song "Take Back".

Artists and Sublabels[edit]


(As per 2011.)


(Genre: rock)

Riddim Zone[edit]

(Genre: reggae. Founded in 2006 by Ryo the Skywalker.)

Former affiliates[edit]

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